Mohawk Releases the Fourteenth Issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for printing, introduced the fourteenth issue of its celebrated Mohawk Maker Quarterly at the HOW Design Live Conference in Boston, MA. Each issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly relies on a theme for its creative framework. Issue No. 14 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is titled Lead & Serve and celebrates those who pave the way by helping others find their paths. Consistent with the ongoing strategy behind the publication, this issue seeks to provide thought-provoking inspiration for graphic designers around the world through engaging content and carefully-considered design on paper.

Issue No. 14 is the largest body of content to date, with 224 pages of words and images presented in the oh-so familiar form of a book. The 6.5 x 8.5” format is organized in four chapters, including Mohawk’s regular feature, The Movement; highlighting makers and their projects from around the world. The team at Hybrid Design in San Francisco, CA has struck a perfect balance between visual and word essays, all carefully curated to support this issue’s theme, Lead & Serve.

“There’s a sort of harmonic tension in the marriage of service and leadership. To lead is to step into the unknown, wield power and savor the rewards. To serve is to put others’ needs before your own. To do both strikes a delicate balance,” says Dora Drimalas, Principal of Hybrid Design.

Chris Harrold, VP Creative Director at Mohawk adds, “We take our role as leaders pretty seriously at Mohawk but not so seriously that we ignore the needs of others. We love working with – and for – our customers. It’s the way we’ve always operated and will continue to.”

With 224 pages to experiment with, Hybrid Design incorporated eight different shades of Mohawk paper while using basic printing techniques, along with an eye-popping demonstration of edge painting that sets this issue apart from all the others.
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