Mohawk Renewal Straw Announcement

Part of innovating means pushing boundaries and taking risks to bring new and exciting products to the market. Mohawk Renewal launched in April 2020 as a groundbreaking line of papers made with recycled cotton textiles and alternative fibers, including straw. To make Mohawk Renewal possible, we had to forge together an unprecedented supply chain with strategic partners.

One of these partners, Columbia Pulp — the only North American supplier responsible for processing wheat straw into pulp to make Mohawk Renewal Straw — announced in February 2022 that they were ceasing operations. We have exhausted every avenue in Columbia Pulp’s absence, but without a supplier, we cannot continue to support this industry-disrupting product and will have to discontinue Straw from the Mohawk Renewal portfolio effective immediately.

We will sell the remaining inventory of Mohawk Renewal Straw to depletion without replenishment.

Mohawk’s full support is behind Renewal’s other alternative fibers — Hemp and Recycled Cotton – which have an established supply chain, have been selling steadily in the market and will continue to do so. In addition, we will continue to drive innovation in the alternative fiber papermaking space and are actively looking into other fiber sources.

Please reach out to your Mohawk Sales Manager with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your ongoing effort to support Mohawk’s fine paper portfolio and challenge the thinking of what is possible in papermaking using alternative fibers.

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