Mondi’s TankerBox Revolutionises Sustainable Shipping for Aromsa’s Flavourful Products

Industry-leading Turkish flavour company Aromsa, whose products include sauces, toppings, extracts and seasonings, was faced with a challenge. The company was fully committed to its sustainability strategy, but it had also started to work with a new customer who wanted to use stainless-steel containers for shipping. This would require an investment into approximately 250 stainless-steel containers, which is a costly packaging solution. In addition to high price, there are also the logistical costs of storage and maintenance, washing and sterilising the containers.

Mondi was invited to develop an alternative solution and proposed the TankerBox which Aromsa trialled on their production line. After a few months of close collaboration and innovation at the Aromsa facilities, the TankerBox was ready for Aromsa’s commercial use.

Produced from corrugated cardboard and developed as a substitute for the traditional Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and metal barrel, the TankerBox is an innovative product and a more sustainable solution. Its patented design consists of 5 parts: an outer box, inner octabin, angle frame, bottom star and top cover pieces.
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