Neenah Acquires New Lamination Capability for Paper Gift Cards

Neenah’s paper-based gift card offering is now significantly strengthened by the recent acquisition of a state of the art lamination asset from Hazen Paper. Hazen Paper is a world-class paper converter whose expertise and products enjoy wide acceptance in this growing market segment. As part of this asset acquisition, more than 25 experienced employees will join the Neenah team to ensure a smooth transition.

Brands such as Amazon, Facebook and Ben & Jerry’s have chosen paper gift cards over plastic. The list of brands making the switch from plastic to paper gift cards grows longer every day. Paper cards eliminate the need for fossil fuel-based production, and keep toxic plastic gift cards out of the landfill.

“This investment, and the evolving paper card enhancements Neenah will continue to invest in, brings market-leading advantages to our customers and supply chain,” said Julie Schertell, President, Fine Paper and Packaging, Neenah Paper Inc.

With a sustainable paper card, there is no compromise on visual appeal. Neenah’s 100% paper-based cards grab attention at shelf with a wide range of printing and decorating possibilities not achievable on plastic. Neenah also provides customers the branding opportunity to make matching gift card carriers, all with Neenah’s market leading environmental performance.

The gift card industry as a whole is expected to reach $160 billion by the year 2018. Neenah expects that paper gift cards are only going to become more popular. “Our paper based gift card business also continues to steadily grow, making this the right time for this strategic investment,” said Schertell.

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