New certification bodies accredited against FSC standards

Assurance Services International (ASI) has accredited two new certification bodies, GCL International Ltd. (GCL) and Legallis certification to audit and issue FSC certificates. The two certification bodies were each evaluated by ASI and demonstrated their ability to conduct impartial assessments to issue FSC certificates according to the established criteria.

Legallis will be able to audit and issue:
*forest management certificates in the Ukraine and,
*chain of custody certificates worldwide, excluding Belarus, China, United States of America and Canada.

GCL will be able to audit and issue FSC chain of custody certificates (excluding controlled wood) worldwide, excluding Belarus and China.

For a complete overview of both GCL and Legallis’ status and scope of accreditation, please visit the ASI website. This page will also display future changes in the scope of accreditation. For questions, please contact ASI at

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