New Findings Show Asia Pulp and Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura Cup Stock, available from Charta Global, Can Fully Decompose in 12 Weeks

Charta Global, provider of office and graphical papers, food grade and packaging boards for North and South America and strategic partner to Asia Pulp & Paper, has announced its eco-friendly Foopak food and beverage packaging line offers products capable of biodegrading in a matter of 12 weeks. The Bio Natura Cup stock, providing the food and restaurant industries with a comprehensive family of sustainable packaging solutions, brings this sustainable option to an underserved part of the market.

Foopak Bio Natura Cup stock is FDA-certified and meets the standards with the FTC’s Green Guides for biodegradability and compostability. Through testing by the Isega Institute, Charta Global has maintained scientific evidencethe stock can completely break down and return to nature by decomposing in a matter of 12 weeks. Additionally, the Bio Natura Cup stock can be safety composted in a facility or home compost pile.

Suitable for hot food and beverages, Bio Natura Cup makes use of an innovative biodegradable water based coating, a sustainable alternative to petroleum based coatings. This eliminates the need for expensive plastic separation in the recycling process, which many recycling facilities are unequipped to handle.

“Brands are looking for a way to deliver high quality food packaging that is also friendly to the environment. The Bio Natura Cup is fulfilling a market need for sustainable packaging solutions,” says Felix Koh, SVP and Business Unit Head for Asia Pulp & Paper. “Its innovative compostable attributes are helping brands continue to meet and exceed consumer expectations for recycling, biodegradable and compostable solutions”

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