New Force Magnetics Co. Announces Change of Ownership

New Force Magnetics and Master Magnetics, Inc. − a Colorado company − were acquired by a newly formed investment company now known as Master Magnetics Inc (a Delaware corporation) on April 1, 2024. Beginning on April 22, 2024, New Force Magnetics will operate as a new business unit under Master Magnetics Inc.

Katie Fink will continue to provide the same level of customer service to which you are accustomed, operating under her new title, New Force Business Unit Manager. Jack Nellessen continues his employment with the company Chief R & D Strategist.

Our new product offerings will expand to include not only the current flexible magnetics sheeting and strip and magnetic receptive products, but an entire array of neodymium, ceramic, ALNICO, and samarium cobalt magnets and magnetic assemblies for consumer, commercial and industrial use.
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