New Green Claims Code Published

Greenwashing is high on the agenda for organisations and campaigners keen to stop companies making false claims about their eco-credentials. Discover how the CMA and Two Sides are tackling this costly business tactic.

The COP26 conference in Glasgow has highlighted many things about the climate emergency, not least the lack of time the planet has before it reaches the environmental point of no return. But one aspect of tackling climate change that’s been brought to the attention of the wider public is Greenwashing – the act of companies making promises to help the environment while continuing to harm it.

The ease with which companies can make uncontested claims about their green credentials was highlighted by an entirely fake private jet company being accepted as an official member of two different UN carbon reduction initiatives that also included Heathrow and BAE Systems.

Created by activists The Yes Men, the fake company, Yasava, claimed to be based in Switzerland with aircraft that produced oxygen rather than carbon dioxide, resulting in “a sub-zero CO2 carbon footprint, effectively contributing to pro-active reversal of atmospheric greenhouse gas effects.”
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