New Katan-Ex SL with slippery outside layer

Trioworld has added a new high-performance cast stretch film to its Katan-Ex range: Katan-Ex SL.

Katan-Ex SL is fitted with a super slippery outside layer with non-cling properties and with all the benefits of cast film. This makes Katan-Ex SL a unique product.

Overhanging or protruding loads
Pallets clinging together because of overhanging or protruding loads can cause film to tear due to pallets touching each other, with damage as a result. Katan-Ex SL’s super slippery layer prevents this: the loading and unloading of wrapped pallets runs smoothly, without damage and potential rework.

Katan-Ex SL has been developed by Trioworld’s Research & Development department in Apeldoorn. “For years I’ve heard people saying it can’t be done”, says business development manager Paul Kommerkamp. “But now we’ve shown it can be. It’s the most slippery cast film out there.”

Drinks and bagged goods
All companies transporting pallets that come into contact with each other, film on film, will benefit from the use of Katan-Ex SL. In particular the dairy and beverage industry, dealing with container transport, whether cooled or not.

Companies transporting bagged goods such as animal feed, milk powder, or raw materials for bakeries also will have good results. Pallets with overhanging or protruding loads remain just as stable, but with the added advantage of remaining intact.

Customer testing
After successful customer testing at a large dairy company, Katan-Ex SL has demonstrated:
*Pallets no longer clinging together
*Less film usage, because of Katan-Ex SL’s high stretchability
*A reduction in cost per wrapped pallet.

Trioworld’s full-service solution
Trioworld helps their customers achieve optimal pallet stability, using a minimal amount of film. Trioworld’s sales engineers not only have in-depth knowledge about film, but also about the machines and the settings required. This is their full-service solution, ensuring the perfect combination for avoiding damage during transport.

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