New KBA-Iberica Optima 106 Die Cutter Significantly Boosts Capacity At Lithographic Industries

With an expanding market and the “best business in years,” Lithographic Industries, a privately-owned, third generation packaging printer located in Broadview, IL, chose to invest in its business by adding a new KBA-Iberica Optima 106 die cutter after thoroughly investigating what was competitively offered in the marketplace. The firm, which is known for its high-quality blister card printing in combination gang runs, has always remained a bit under the radar in its one-story facility on a quiet street in this suburb of Chicago. But its customers have long recognized the firm’s fine heritage as the oldest combination blister card manufacturer in the U.S. since 1961, its superb quality, and its service-oriented philosophy.

For nearly six months, the KBA-Iberica Optima 106 has proven its ruggedness, efficiency, and high speed as an integral part of the firm’s production, providing Lithographic Industries with a competitive edge as the demand for blister packs has posted a sharp rise. It is paired with the firm’s unique 11-color Koenig & Bauer Rapida 41-inch sheetfed offset press, the only one of its type in the U.S., offering two sided printing for nine-over-two combination blister card and insert card printing.

“We produce unique solutions for our customers and we depend on equipment that is operating smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime,” says Louis A Ebert, president of Lithographic Industries. “The superior technology from KBA-Iberica on the Optima 106 die cutter has significantly increased our throughput and led to enhanced client satisfaction. This new die cutter has completely eliminated variability right from the start. It registers the sheet perfectly. Additionally, it reduced waste and increased our productivity, which is especially important as the need for more capacity has grown.”

“We applaud Lou Ebert and his entire team at Lithographic Industries for investing in this ‘step-change technology’ at its Chicagoland location,” says Steve Korn, KBA North America director of national and key accounts. “This capital investment offers a very quick payback schedule of under two years and has already enabled Lithographic Industries to reach the first step of its business growth goals in the blister packaging market space. It will, quite simply, provide a competitive edge in this unique market for many years to come. On a personal note, it is with great pride and pleasure to once again be trusted with an order from Lithographic Industries. They are outstanding people running a top-notch operation.”
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