New Research: Pace of Expansion by Commercial Printers Into New Printing Segments Proliferates (

Convergence in the printing industry — the process by which print segments come together through print service providers (PSPs) expanding into segments beyond their primary segment — is a phenomenon that has been occurring for many years.

In 2018, NAPCO Research and PRINTING United Alliance conducted the first printing industry convergence study. The analysis of commercial, in-plant, packaging, wide-format, garment, and industrial PSPs validated the convergence phenomenon, assessed the degree to which it is occurring, measured attitudinal beliefs as to convergence trends, and defined a printing industry migration pattern.

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The data is clear: convergence in the printing industry is growing. Printers in every industry segment are considering entering areas beyond their primary focus, and many have already done so. Not only has the percentage of service providers considering segment expansion increased since 2018, the number of different segments that printers are considering entering has increased substantially as well, with more than half of printers surveyed considering entering three or more print segments beyond their primary focus.
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