News Corp Reports Second Quarter Results for Fiscal 2023

*Revenues in the quarter were $2.52 billion, a 7% decrease compared to $2.72 billion in the prior year, reflecting a $171 million, or 6%, negative impact from foreign currency fluctuations. Adjusted Revenues decreased 3%
*Net income in the quarter was $94 million compared to $262 million in the prior year
*Total Segment EBITDA in the quarter was $409 million compared to $586 million in the prior year
*In the quarter, reported EPS were $0.12 compared to $0.40 in the prior year – Adjusted EPS were $0.14 compared to $0.44 in the prior year

Commenting on the results, Chief Executive Robert Thomson said: “The second quarter highlighted the progress made in certain of our business segments. Obviously, a surge in interest rates and acute inflation had a tangible impact on all of our businesses. But we believe these challenges are more ephemeral than eternal. Just as our company passed the stress-test of the pandemic with record profits, the initiatives now underway, including an expected 5 percent headcount reduction, or around 1,250 positions this calendar year, will create a robust platform for future growth.

Even in the midst of the obvious global challenges, the professional information business at Dow Jones displayed particular promise, with revenues surging 45 percent year-over-year. That encouraging result highlights the value of our opportunistic acquisitions of OPIS and CMA, and continuing growth at our burgeoning Risk and Compliance business.

In terms of portfolio optimization, as publicly reported, we have been actively engaged in discussions with CoStar Group about a potential sale of Move. Any transaction would be designed to create shareholder value and strengthen®’s competitive position.”
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