Nonwoven Facilities Recognized as Zero Waste to Landfill in Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Markets

In alignment with its operational Impact 2025 sustainability goals, Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) announced all of its Health, Hygiene, and Specialities Division facilities located in China as zero waste to landfill. These facilities join the Division’s global list of 12 facilities to receive the prestigious internal recognition. Berry encourages all sites to embark on a zero waste to landfill journey, defined internally as diverting over 90% of waste away from disposal, with less than 1% of waste being disposed via landfill.

Announced in 2019, Berry set a goal to reduce landfill waste intensity by 5% per year. Just this year, Berry reduced the amount of waste disposed via landfill by over 2,000 metric tons, achieving a landfill waste intensity reduction of 12%, well above the year-over-year target of 5%; this also reflects a 9% reduction from 2019. Guided by the waste management hierarchy, Berry leverages continuous improvement to reduce waste generation and maximize the value recovered from any waste that is generated.

Within the Division, we leverage continuous improvement to best utilize valuable resources, eliminate unnecessary materials, and ultimately decrease waste. We expect this in our own operations, but so do a growing number of our customers. The teams across all 12 facilities which now hold the zero waste-to-landfill certification are outstanding examples of what we can achieve on a global scale to lower our environmental footprint,” said Curt Begle, President of Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialities Division.
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