Norpac: 70# Orca Offset being discontinued, 50# and 60# will continue to be important grades for the mill.

We have been working on making 70# Orca Offset a viable commercial grade for Norpac over the past year or so.

The market for this basis weight is limited and we have struggled to reach our minimum volume targets to create regular runs.

For a variety of reasons we haven’t been able to reach our targeted output when running 70# Orca. Now with the new two machine scenario coming we have a new scenario and we can’t continue making all current grades.

Even though we run the risk (small) of losing some 50 & 60# Orca offset we have come to the conclusion that 70# Orca Offset needs to be discontinued. Therefore we have no future blocks of this grade in our production planning.

If you do get inquiries from the market kindly inform customers that we have discontinued production of 70# Orca Offset.

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