Novolex introduces new stand for Cutlerease utensil dispensers, saving space while curtailing waste

Waddington™ North America (WNA), a Novolex® brand, announced today that it is introducing a new stand for Cutlerease®, a patented dispenser that offers customers one disposable utensil at a time.

The new stand allows Cutlerease to be set up anywhere, saving even more space for foodservice operations. The stand is available for the triple-tower base to hold forks, knives and spoons or any combination of the three types of utensils. The new stand is 28 inches high and is both sturdy and easy to assemble. This triple-tower stand adds to the already versatile Cutlerease line-up, which includes the single and double bases that are ideal for small counters.

“Cutlerease cuts the spread of germs, reduces waste, saves space and makes it simple for customers to get their utensils,” said Janis Kovarovic, Senior Product Manager of WNA. “And with our new stand, Cutlerease does not need a countertop or table. It can go anywhere, providing even more flexibility.”

With Cutlerease, guests simply pull on the handle of the spoon, fork or knife that they want. After the utensil is removed, another pops out, ready for the next customer. That way, each guest only touches the utensil they are taking.

Even better, Cutlerease features refill packs to make restocking easy and hygienic because they do not require an employee to touch the cutlery. The dispenser is a breakthrough in convenience and efficiency compared to current refill technologies, which commonly use boxy cartridges or complex wraparound bands that can cause system jams.
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