Obbola paper mill inaugurated: Increased capacity for better business and increased climate benefit

SCA’s new facility in Obbola, outside Umeå, has now been inaugurated. This means that the paper mill has the world’s largest machine for kraftliner and with it a significantly increased capacity to produce climate-smart packaging material.

“This is very good for SCA’s and Obbola’s competitiveness and gives us a better ability to deliver in a market that needs to grow as fossil packaging materials are phased out,” says Gustaf Nygren, Mill manager at SCA Obbola.

Capacity for kraftliner production is increasing, from 450,000 tons to 725,000 tons annually. The most visible change at the facility is the addition of the world’s largest machine, supplied by German Voith, for the production of kraftliner. The machine is 250 meters long and is estimated to weigh around 11,000 tonnes.
more at: https://www.sca.com/en/media/news/2023/obbola-paper-mill-inaugurated-increased-capacity-for-better-business-and-increased-climate-benefit/

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