One Clean Carton® with Water- and Agri-based Printing Tests Safe for Pharmaceutical and Food-Safe Secondary Packaging

One Clean Carton®, from Colbert Packaging Corporation,­­ once again passed a series of laboratory tests to confirm its suitability for pharmaceutical and food-safe secondary packaging. New for 2022, Colbert submitted test samples of water-based, flexographic printed cartons as well as an agri-based, offset printed version. Both cartons samples included an agri-based offset printed insert glued inside.

All components of One Clean Carton, including inks, coatings and adhesives, are tested to ensure they meet environmental and safety agency standards to be considered clean and safe for indirect food and drug contact. In order to state the Clean Carton claim, packaging samples underwent comprehensive analytical testing.

“Pharma and Consumer product managers tasked with sourcing environmentally-friendly packaging have more reasons to choose One Clean Carton with confidence,” says Lon Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing. “In this round of testing, we elected to test both flexographic and offset printing on sustainably sourced paperboard, using water- and agri-based inks, and Clean Carton passed again.”

All tests were conducted under accelerated conditions (worst case), measuring potential extractables, volatile out-gas products, semi-volatile out-gas products, and sensory (odor) evaluation.

Colbert’s One Clean Carton is derived from the following components:
*Paper is the foundation for One Clean Carton. Colbert’s standard SBS, uses Candesce® CIS, ensuring only virgin fiber with no mechanical pulp in a middle ply. The composition of this paper provides for superior performance on press, resulting in less waste and lower consumption of raw materials and ink, which supports sustainability and recyclability as an added benefit.
*The water- and agri-based inks comply with the Swiss Ordinance regarding food-safe inks and coatings.
*The aqueous coatings originate in the United States and meet or exceed U.S. federal and state guidelines.
*Finally, Clean Carton water-based adhesives meet or exceed V.O.C. emission requirements.

Demonstrating its commitment to environmentally-friendly paperboard packaging and corporate best practices, Colbert Packaging first submitted One Clean Carton samples for independent scientific testing in the fall of 2018, and continues periodic testing.

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