Online sales grow an estimated 16.2% in March

U.S. nonstore sales grew at a slightly slower clip in March than they did in February, new monthly data from the U.S. Commerce Department shows.

What the agency calls “nonstore sales” reached $55.475 billion in March on a seasonally adjusted basis, a 9.7% increase compared with $50.573 billion in the same month of 2017. That’s a slightly lower increase than in February, when nonstores sale grew 10.2%

Nonstore sales mainly take place online but also include other channels, such as mail and telephone orders, door-to-door sales and sales through vending machines.

Internet Retailer uses the monthly nonstore figures disclosed by the Commerce Department as an early indicator of the health of the e-commerce market. The Commerce Department only reports e-commerce sales on a quarterly basis. The agency will release its first-quarter results on May 17.
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