Over a Decade of Collaboration with Communication Arts

Schumann Printers has had the honor of working with Communication Arts for over a decade printing the go-to resource that showcases exceptional design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive, and typography.

Our partnership has been marked by unwavering commitment to quality and a shared dedication to graphic design excellence. We are thrilled for them to be recognized in Creative Boom’s recent article titled, “Print’s Not Dead: The Best Magazines for Graphic Design Inspiration.”

“Over the years, I have worked with many magazines and other print projects. With Communication Arts, it’s different…over the last decade, they have included us in the process of making each magazine issue great, having us review and comment on their design, to assure the best possible results. It’s that type of partnership that allows us the best chance to produce the best possible printed magazine, each and every issue! We appreciate the ongoing loyalty and relationship, we also appreciate the opportunity to produce such a well known magazine, one that is part of the fabric of our industry.” ~ Steve Abts, Regional Sales Director
more at: https://www.spiweb.com/blog/yc4drzzvv33y5ygu9iqn4zmy237kdu

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