Pactiv Evergreen Introduces Its ‘Zero Waste Implementation Guide’ as a Resource for Foodservice Operators

Pactiv Evergreen (NASDAQ: PTVE) announced the launch of its new “Zero Waste Implementation Guide” at the Green Sports Alliance Summit in Minneapolis. The Guide is a resource to help foodservice establishments improve their waste diversion rates. Recreation venues, stadiums, arenas, colleges and university foodservice programs, in particular, will benefit from this valuable resource.

Achieving zero waste is a circular solution that helps ensure a sustainable future economically, environmentally and socially. By closing the loop, operators can cut greenhouse gases, manage risk, reduce litter and pollution, reinvest resources, and create value for their operation.

Pactiv Evergreen’s “Zero Waste Implementation Guide” was created to provide everything a foodservice operator needs to begin their journey to zero waste. The interactive Guide can be downloaded for free from, enabling a foodservice establishment to customize the tool and document their data and progress. Detailed tools are included to enable operators to perform a waste audit, improve waste and materials management, and implement a new bin and signage system. Engaging an operation’s staff and promoting program success are essential steps in the zero waste journey, and comprehensive recommendations for these key aspects are provided.
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