Paper Excellence Announces Curtailment of Mackenzie Pulp

Paper Excellence Canada today announced the curtailment of operations at its pulp mill in Mackenzie, British Columbia targeting the final week of June 2020.

Paper Excellence has substantially invested to improve mill operations since acquiring the Mackenzie facility in 2010. Despite best efforts by the company and its committed team of employees in Mackenzie, the COVID-19 global pandemic is having negative impacts on pulp markets creating conditions that no longer support the on-going operation of the mill. Furthermore, the deep fibre shortage in BC and the Mackenzie region have affected the mill’s competitiveness. This shortage was exacerbated by recent curtailment of sawmills in the Mackenzie region dramatically reducing economic fibre availability.

Paper Excellence’s priority is to support the 253 employees affected by this curtailment. Where possible, it is hoped some offers of secondment can be made to some of its other facilities across Canada. Meanwhile, the terms of the collective agreement with UNIFOR local 1092 will be respected through the process.

During the curtailment, Paper Excellence is committed to ensuring the safety of the mill facility and protection of the community and the receiving environment. A small team of employees will provide around the clock security and monitoring.

Paper Excellence will continue to supply pulp and paper customers with production from its other operating mills in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The company continues to believe Canada will be a leader in the pulp and paper industry and remains committed to its long-term investment here.

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