Paper Plays a Critical Role in the Digital Era

Given the ubiquitous nature of digital devices and digital service promotion, some businesses may be tempted to transition to paperless record keeping systems based on preconceived notions that going digital is somehow more sustainable. That assumption could not be further from the truth.

Paper continues to play a significant role in the digital era, especially when it comes to sustainability, accessibility, and security for businesses.

Businesses must recognize the enduring value and broad benefits of paper documents. Even with advancements in electronic files, paper remains a critical component for organizations of all types.

First, let’s address the sustainability of paper. Trees are one of our most abundant renewable resources in America, and a healthy paper industry is critical to maintaining healthy forests.

More than a billion trees are planted in the U.S. each year, and almost all the wood used to produce paper products is sourced from private, sustainably managed forests. Sustainable practices are the root of the paper industry, and we continue to advance sustainability through investment and innovation.
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