PaperChain Chats: Phil Riebel (Sustainable Paper Group) discusses the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT)

Corporate giants are increasingly making ambitious climate policies, pledging to slash emissions and become more sustainable in the coming years. Companies from Google to Estée Lauder have made a pledge. These commitments create ripple effects throughout the supply chain, pushing other firms to become more sustainable themselves if they want to do business with the corporate giants.

“It’s in [suppliers’] best interest to get on board with sustainability and show results,” Phil Riebel, the president of Sustainable Paper Group, tells NPTA’s Lauren Liacouras in the latest PaperChain Chat.

Sustainable Paper Group has a tool that makes it easy for the paper industry to prioritize sustainability: the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT). Riebel describes EPAT as a “sustainability scorecard for paper products and paper-based packaging.” EPAT uses more than 25 metrics to measure and examine the environmental footprint of different paper products.

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