Paraná increases pulp and paper exports by 21% with Klabin’s mega logistics operation

Paraná exported more than one million tons of paper and pulp between January and July 2022, a growth of 21% compared to the same period in 2021. The consolidated number of 1,091,752 tons , according to data from SECEX (Special Secretariat for Foreign Trade and International Affairs), it is strongly encouraged by Klabin, which a year ago began its mega operation to transport and export the production of the Puma II Project via the port of Paranaguá, including an investment of more than R$ 300 million at the Ortigueira Railway Terminal, in partnership with Brado and TCP, capable of transporting 125 thousand tons of pulp and paper in containers per month, connecting the Puma Unit to the port.

Positioning itself today as the 5th largest exporting state of paper and cellulose in Brazil, Paraná has Klabin as the main company operating in the segment. The recent expansion of the Puma II, the result of R$ 12.9 billion of investments, considered the largest private investment in the state, started its production and exportation in 2021, and already represents 6% of the total loads of paper and pulp shipped by the region. in the year 2022.
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