Patagonia reinvents itself again: ‘We’re making Earth our only shareholder’ (

Since Patagonia’s founding in 1973, Yvon Chouinard and his family have been its owners. Now, almost 50 years later, the company is announcing that the Chouinards are transferring all ownership to two newly created entities in an effort both to cement the company’s values in its operating structure and step up its fight against the climate crisis. All voting stock (about 2% of the total) is now controlled by the Patagonia Purpose Trust, while the other 98% is under what’s called the Holdfast Collective.

The goal behind the Patagonia Purpose Trust is to create a permanent legal structure to enshrine the company’s purpose and values, so that there is never deviation from Chouinard’s intent—and to make sure the company continues to demonstrate that capitalism can work for the planet. Meanwhile, the company says that all annual profits that are not reinvested back into the business—which they estimate to be about $100 million per year—will be distributed by Patagonia as a dividend to the Holdfast Collective (which is designated as a 501(c)(4) organization) to fund grassroots environmental organizations, invest in businesses, and support political candidates that all work to protect nature and biodiversity, support thriving communities, and fight the climate crisis.
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