Pearson English Launches New Disney Courseware to Inspire and Empower Young English Learners

Pearson English announces the global launch of a new pre-primary course My Disney Stars and Friends, working alongside Disney. It features stunning Disney artwork, stories and themes suitable for the youngest learners.

Pearson’s learning materials are at the forefront of educational trends and needs. My Disney Stars and Friends includes a focus on social and emotional learning, personal wellbeing, and puts learners on a clear and measurable learning path. They will be followed by a captivating series of MARVEL Cinematic Readers for teenagers and adults in the autumn.

The new Disney-themed course can be used for teaching in school and home environments or a blended approach. This gives teachers flexibility and supports educators, parents and learners alike.

Disney adventures contain a vast range of valuable life lessons. Teachers can use the characters as a vehicle to engage learners of all ages, and make classes more fun and memorable. Furthermore, educators can help students explore joint values, personal feelings and social interactions by harnessing the relatable models of behaviours and developing them further in an educational context.

Alongside My Disney Stars and Friends, Pearson will release several Disney-related initiatives for teachers and schools, including Pearson English’s Disney Day, a webinar special where teachers around the world can learn more about empowering learning through stories, nurturing wellbeing, as well as learning better practices on routines and classroom management. Educators and teachers are welcome to join via

“English is a passport to learning, growth and new possibilities,” says Giovanni Giovannelli, President of English Language Learning at Pearson. “The combination of Disney characters that are loved by so many generations and the rigour of Pearson’s Global Scale of English creates stories that motivate and engage children while they learn.”

Earlier this year, Pearson released 36 Disney Kids Readers covering a range of Disney universes, enabling teachers to use graded readers not only for individual reading, but also as a four-skills reading course. The My Disney Stars and Friends series is the latest collaboration between Pearson and Disney in the twenty years they have been working together to change the way children around the world learn English.

“Together, the world’s learning company and the world’s best story teller aim to show students, from all over the world, what possibilities are open to them,” says Kasia Janitz-De La Rue, Primary Product Manager. “By helping young learners build the language and future skills they need, we empower them to achieve their full potential.”

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