Postal Regulatory Commission Continues to Probe DFA

The Postal Regulatory Commission requested information about continued large-scale network changes by the Postal Service despite its announced “pause” in implementing parts of the Delivering for America (DFA) plan. In addition, the Commission asked the Postal Service about the scope and nature of the pilot test described by the Postal Service regarding early DFA efforts in its May 16th response to the Commission’s Show Cause order. The Commission also requested information about the ’recently announced projection of $65 billion in ten-year losses under DFA. The questions are part of the Commission’s public inquiry into the DFA.

Commission Chairman Michael Kubayanda noted, “Emerging circumstances and information have reinforced the urgency and importance of understanding the impacts and regulatory implications of DFA before the Postal Service makes further changes that impact service.” National service performance in 2024 has been at historic lows, while locations such as Atlanta continue to suffer service problems, even after some improvement in recent weeks.

On May 20, the Postmaster General issued a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Gary Peters, stating that the Postal Service would move forward with network changes in dozens of locations around the country, despite separately announcing a “pause” in some facility consolidations. The Postal Service is required by law to request an Advisory Opinion on changes that will impact service on a nationwide or substantially nationwide basis, and the Commission continues to urge the Postal Service to request an Advisory Opinion on certain DFA initiatives.

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