PPLA Action Alert: Protect Printed Package Inserts!

Hello Everyone,

We need your help to ensure Congress knows protecting printed package inserts (PI) is a priority!

The ECL & Printed Literature Business is once again under attack from a Pharmaceutical lobbying group trying to remove the use of printed literature and other forms of extended content. As you know this is a significant threat to our industry, the good thing is that it is easy for us to start to TAKE ACTON and fight back. It is vitally important that we all support this initiative. It will take support from everyone, and everyone you know, to get the attention of our leaders in Washington DC.

Below are the details on how to participate in a campaign being run by PPLA, the Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association. This campaign is an all-out effort to protect the printed literature/ECLs produced by our all the Pharma Literature printing sites across the entire country. There has been recent movement by another lobbying group (comprised mostly of larger generic drug manufacturers) to have printed literature that is provided to pharmacists/professionals eliminated entirely…our position is that we do not oppose making the information available to professionals electronically but do oppose eliminating the paper format entirely – for 2 reasons, ensuring patient safety and protecting against job losses within the Pharma Literature/ECL Printing Industry.

I’m forwarding this to you in the hope that you would be willing to ask your Senator/Congressperson to oppose the current measures being drafted that would eliminate the paper format…the link is quite easy to use and once you provide your information, it will automatically direct the message to your appropriate members of Congress/Senator (based upon the zip code entered)…the link to the advocacy page will provide further background on the issue at hand and what PPLA is all about. I ask that you give this some strong consideration as I believe we are on the “right side” of this issue even without considering the potential impact to our businesses…and feel free to forward to family & friends as well.


Raise your voice in just a few steps. Here’s how:

  1. Click this link: https://ppla.salsalabs.org/ProtectPI
  2. Fill out your contact information
  3. Review the letter
  4. Add a personalized note (this is optional)
  5. Click “Take Action”
  6. Share our action center with colleagues, family, and friends to spread the word: https://ppla.salsalabs.org/ProtectPI
    learn more at: https://pplaonline.org/advocacy/
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