Promoting Sustainable Towel & Tissue Options

In a recent Q&A for Sanitary Maintenance magazine, Laura Ashley, Marketing Manager for Resolute Tissue, along with other manufacturers, discusses sustainable tissue and towel options, and what can be done to assist end users with their own green initiatives.

What sustainable attributes are most important when differentiating between green towel and tissue options?
Ashley: Three key attributes come to mind: fiber source, carbon footprint, and waste stream management. When it comes to fiber source, distributors should recommend options with certified fiber sourcing, recycled fiber (both pre- and post-consumer), certified sources (which can be a combination of certified forest and recycled fiber), and recycled sources both for the product and product packaging (these factors include recyclability, being compostable, and being biodegradable). Regarding waste stream management, this includes all phases of the product life, from production through end use.

What selling points should distributors highlight when promoting sustainable towel/tissue options? 

Ashley: Distributors, end users and consumers want assurances that their buying decisions represent a sound environmental choice. They are asking for proof that tissue products are made with raw material originating from sustainably managed forests, recycled material, and/or controlled sources. In the North American market, fiber certification gives that proof point that ensures either the fiber is from:
1) A manufacturer buying fiber from a certified forest,
2) A manufacturer buying fiber from a legally operating forest,
3) A manufacturer buying fiber from a combination of the above (it can also include recycled fiber in the combination); or
4) A manufacturer buying 100 percent recycled fiber.
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