Protecting Wetlands and Waterways in the Forest

The woods in our lives have never played such an important role as it they do today.

From their natural beauty, to their functional strength, to their ability as nature’s air and water filters. They help with the air we breathe, habitat for plants and animals, the trails we enjoy with family and friends, and clean water.

Our foresters understand the importance of a healthy forest, it’s our passion and our business. They understand that to have a healthy diverse forest, all the parts of the forest must also be healthy. We use advanced technology to ensure even the smallest streams and wetlands are identified and protected. The technology we use, LiDAR provides us with a digital 3D model of the forest floor and is accurate within 3 cm. This allows us to locate small streams and wetlands so we can ensure protection of them in the working forest.

Species that depend on clean, cool water habitat are also a priority. We work with many research partners like the Nature Conservancy and Bird Studies Canada to set aside wetlands and waterway habitat. We’re also part of CAST (Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow) to save and grow wild Atlantic Salmon populations on the Miramichi.

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