Quad Expands Partnership With Package InSight to Help Brands Better Understand the Impact of Design on Consumer Behavior

Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: QUAD) today announced it is enhancing its integrated marketing solutions offering through a newly expanded relationship with Package InSight, an organization that studies brand packaging performance, consumer attention and shelf impact. Through this partnership, brands and marketers who work with Quad will have access to a unique, data-driven view of how consumers engage with products during the shopping experience to aid in decision-making.

Package InSight, a trusted source of consumer research, uses the latest in biometric technology, such as mobile eye-tracking, facial coding and brain activation, to study package performance, consumer attention and shelf impact. The organization uses a strict methodology to provide marketers with the proprietary data they need to optimize ROI on brand creative. This complements Quad’s existing measurement and analytics capabilities, giving brands and marketers an end-to-end view of the customer journey.

“We are thrilled to enhance our marketing solutions offering through this expanded partnership with Package InSight, which focuses data-driven research at the intersection of design and human behavior,” said Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO of Quad. “Package InSight offers CPGs, brands and marketers the ability to test brand creative concepts in a real-life retail setting, providing them with a true view of consumer engagement and their purchasing journey, all built on sound data and analytics.”

Now, Quad clients have access to a physical space at the Consumer Research Lab in Greenville, S.C., to manifest continuous new brand thinking that can be prototyped, tested, refined and produced, enhancing Quad’s unique marketing services and platform. For example, brands are able to use the space as a mock retail environment to test packaging design and shelf impact in a real-life consumer setting.

The talented team of Package InSight employees will continue its strong relationship with Clemson University and its Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, providing marketers with access to independent academic researchers.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see Package InSight achieve its vision by integrating into Quad, where primary data will be used to empower creative design for thousands of global brands,” said Dr. Andrew Hurley, Founder of Package InSight. “We look forward to working with Quad’s clients to help them quantitatively assess how creative impacts consumer interactions.”

Package InSight’s research offering will now expand from its current focus on brand packaging to include how brand creative impacts digital, in-store, direct marketing and all brand channels.

Plans are underway to expand the facilities at the Consumer Research Lab to offer marketers an even more robust “sandbox” for collaborative development to test and learn consumers’ response to and interaction with creative and brand efforts prior to making significant brand changes, brand or product launches and/or campaign investments.

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