Raising the Green Bar: Your Roadmap to Sustainability & Success

Drinking from her Contigo reusable coffee mug, tested and approved by the GH Institute, Good Housekeeping Deputy Editor and Good Housekeeping Institute Director Laurie Jennings does more than just talk the sustainability talk; she is developing the first annual Green Summit, to be hosted at Hearst Tower on November 8.

As a consumer-advocacy publication for more than 130 years, the team at Good Housekeeping decided now was the time to plan Raising the Green Bar: Your Roadmap to Sustainability & Success because of an increased interest from its readership in sustainability and a growing concern for the environment.

“Three years ago, when we asked consumers if a product was green would it make them more likely to buy it, the answer was ‘not really’,” Jennings says. “Now, more and more, there is a big resounding ‘yes–green matters’ response to that question.”

The Good Housekeeping Institute and Made Safe, a nonprofit focused on educating consumers about safe ingredients, are joining forces to help marketers, brand managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders maximize their brand’s sustainability efforts for increased consumer engagement and loyalty. Made Safe was selected as a partner for the event because it has a certification process similar to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s for the Good Housekeeping Seal and because they specialize in detecting toxins and harmful ingredients in products.

“We are always looking for ways to protect and inform consumers, and Made Safe added an element to what we could bring to the table,” Jennings says. “Their expertise and knowledge of harmful chemicals and toxins aligns with the Good Housekeeping Institute’s mission to provide consumers with the best information so they can make informed decisions.”
more at:  http://www.hearst.com/newsroom/raising-the-green-bar-your-roadmap-to-sustainability-success

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