Redesigning the Future with Renewable Packaging


Stora Enso’s consumer insights show that customers value packaging that is easy to use and that protects the freshness of their groceries. 6 out of 7 customers say that the single most important thing is that the packaging keeps the products fresh. What else is important to them?

Functionality is another aspect of packaging worth taking a look at. Consumers really appreciate packaging that is easy to use, and when buying products, they will not finish up in one go, it is important to be able to reseal it in an easy way. This is however not a known purchase trigger, but it can generate a re-purchase after the consumer has tried it out. This is also important to remember the other way around – packaging that does not deliver what consumers expect, will give you the opposite result.

It seems clearly important that the packaging reflects the quality of food and sustainability. Consumers also appreciate packaging that facilitates portioning of the content. We also need to understand the importance of features and materials that deliver the promise. A disappointment has a negative impact on brand perception.

These few expectations met will get you greater results in terms of customer satisfaction and lead to both purchase triggers, as well as repurchasing.

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