Reducing strategic investment and increasing the share of renewable energy at MM Kwidzyn, Poland

Due to uncompetitive wood prices from the Polish State Forestry Monopoly and significantly reduced market demand for paper and cardboard products, the company has decided to significantly reduce the planned multi-year strategic investment project at MM Kwidzyn with a focus on energy, further pulp integration and product portfolio, which was announced at the end of April 2023 . MM Kwidzyn will instead focus investments on further increasing its already high share of renewable energy from the current 69%.

In addition, discussions were started with employee representatives about a possible closure of the small paper machine (PM 3) for packaging kraft paper and about restructuring, which could lead to a reduction in the workforce of around 110 employees.

MM Kwidzyn will continue pulp and virgin fiber board production unchanged. In the paper sector, the PM 1 and PM 2 paper machines will continue to produce up to 360,000tpa of uncoated fine paper and 40-80,000tpa of “IPACK TM Strong Pro” (packaging kraft paper). Since one of the fine paper machines has not been converted, no sack kraft paper will be produced in Kwidzyn.

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