Repsol & Saica Sign an Agreement to Improve LDPE Film Circularity

Repsol and Saica Natur have signed a new collaboration agreement in order to maximize the use of low density polyethylene film (LDPE) waste and take a new step in the transition towards a circular economy.

With this project, Repsol and Saica Natur intend to combine their knowledge and skills to achieve new polyolefins that incorporate post-consumer recycled material. With a special goal to ensure quality consistency for more demanding applications, from the technical point of viewwhere recycling has hardly penetrated yet. This way, Saica Natur contributes not only with its expertise as a waste manager but also as a low density polyethylene (LDPE) recycled pellets producer. Repsol, the market leader in polyolefins in Spain and Portugal, provides the capabilities of its Technology Center, as well as its experience in the development of new products for its value chain. This agreement falls under Reciclex project, one of Repsol’s strategic pillars to promote the circular economy of its materials.

“In an environment increasingly oriented to the circularity of resources, film waste recovery is a challenge and a business opportunity alike”, says Roberto Gómez, Circular Economy Manager at Repsol’s Chemicals Division. “The objective of this agreement is to offer new materials that meet the demanding requirements of the Film Market, combining the know-how of both companies in waste management, plastic recycling and development of new polyolefin applications”.

“Innovation and sustainable growth are the essential pillars of this agreement,” said Luis Pellejer, Director of Natur Cycle Plus. “With this agreement, we are showing our commitment towards responsible production and consumption. This implies a social and material transformation towards an economy that uses resources efficiently; maximizing its value through circular models, and that conceives waste as a recoverable raw material. The ultimate goal is to achieve long-term sustainability. ”

This agreement is framed under the “Pact for a Circular Economy” signed by Repsol and Saica in October 2017, along with the main economic and social Spanish agents, promoting the transition towards this new economic model. Repsol is also part of other initiatives in which it is firmly committed to this objective, such as the PlasticsEurope “Plastics 2030” voluntary commitment.

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