Resolute Helps Transform Paved Urban Areas into Green Spaces

Resolute is pleased to support Sous les pavés, an initiative to transform paved urban areas across Quebec into green spaces by planting native plants, trees and shrubs. The initiative is led by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre, an organization devoted to promoting sustainable urban policy and practices.

Green spaces in cities and towns provide so many important environmental benefits, such as mitigating the effects of climate change. They produce oxygen, filter air pollutants and moderate heat, as well as absorb rainfall, help restore water cycles and reduce flood risk. They also provide local residents an opportunity to relax, exercise, socialize or simply appreciate nature.

This year, Sous les pavés is converting twelve sites into green spaces, and Resolute is actively involved in two of these makeovers: a schoolyard in Montreal, and the entrance of our Gatineau newsprint mill. The mill’s new green space includes a community vegetable garden, part of the Jardin urbain du Vieux-Gatineau. Over several days, dedicated Resolute employees and other volunteers removed asphalt, prepared the soil, and planted trees, shrubs and vegetables. Thanks to their efforts, the green spaces are now ready to welcome their first visitors.

“Resolute’s support of the Sous les pavés project demonstrates the company’s commitment to community-driven projects. We are focused on building solid stakeholder relations in our operating communities, and employee volunteerism is an important component of this,”commented David Marshall, Resolute’s project manager of Sustainability and Public Affairs. David also serves as chairman of the board of the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre.

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