Responsible Wood statement on bushfire crisis

Responsible Wood is incredibly grateful for the efforts of those battling bushfires and remain primarily concerned for the wellbeing of people and communities affected by the bushfires.

Responsible Wood, our PEFC member in Australia, has released a statement following the devastating fires in the country:

Our thoughts are with those affected by the bushfire crisis along with the firefighters, emergency services and the many thousands of volunteers working to protect and support communities across Australia.

Responsible Wood acknowledges and supports the work of the firefighters, emergency services and volunteers who have selflessly sought to protect and provide for tens of thousands of people.

We recognise that many Responsible Wood members and certificate holders have been significantly impacted by the bushfires and are committed to work with all members and certificate holders to assist where we can.

Fire related matters will be given the highest priority in the continued revision of the AS / NZS 4708 – Sustainable Forest Management standard.

We are mindful that many of Responsible Wood members and certificate holders are currently involved in active fire management and take this opportunity to say thank you for your incredibly hard work and acknowledge the very long hours, little sleep, high risks and the stress that firefighting and fire recovery causes. Again, we say thank you and please stay safe as this emergency situation continues.

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