Revision of FSC general accreditation standard open for participation

FSC is revising the general accreditation standard FSC-STD-20-001 V4-0 General Requirements for FSC Accredited Certification Bodies. The standard ensures that FSC certifications are managed in a competent, consistent, impartial, transparent, rigorous, reliable and credible manner. The standard will be revised together with two related procedures FSC-PRO-20-003 Transfer of FSC Certificates and License Agreements and FSC-PRO-20-004 General Requirements for FSC Training Programme. Please access the process page here to learn more about this joint revision.

This revision is now in the conceptual phase, and as part of this phase we will be conducting a focused consultation in May 2023 on the key proposals of this joint revision. Interested stakeholders will be asked to provide inputs and feedback on the FSC proposals. Further focused consultations may be happening at later stages of the revision process. We are now opening registration for interested stakeholders to participate in a focused consultation and stay engaged with the process through informational updates.
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