RISI/Fastmarkets Names Anthony Pratt as CEO of the year

Visy/Pratt Industries Exec chmn Anthony Pratt is leading a recycling resurgence.

His US company Pratt Industries was the fifth largest US boxmaker in 2019 with a 7% market share and an estimated 27.5 billion ft2 of shipments. The US boxes are made mostly out of lowcost mixed paper. His five containerboard mills with 1.91 million tons/yr of 100% recycled content containerboard capacity are nearly fully integrated to 70 Pratt corrugated plants, including 30 sheet plants. Pratt US last year generated more than $3 billion in sales and $550 million in EBITDA, in a year of record-low mixed paper pricing at a negative-$2/ton average and containerboard prices an estimated 175-200% more than the firm’s production cost.

It’s a company that operates with an against-the-grain model that Pratt started 30 years ago. And Pratt leads it with a determined environmentally conscious zest along with onoccasion political celebrity glitz. When Pratt Industries started up its new 400,000 tons/yr recycled containerboard machine in Wapakoneta, OH, last September, Pratt hosted President Trump and Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the ceremony.

Analysts selected Anthony Pratt as Fastmarkets RISI’s 2020 North American CEO of the Year. He will be honored at the 35th annual RISI forest products event on Oct. 6. This event will be the first-ever all-virtual one for the North American conference.
more at source: http://www.prattindustries.com/downloads/PPIPPW_Anthony_Pratt.pdf

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