RRD 2023 (Un)Packaging Reality Report Reveals Impact of Continued eCommerce Demands

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD), a leading global provider of marketing, packaging, print, and supply chain solutions, highlights the impact of continued eCommerce growth based on its 2023 (Un)Packaging Reality Report. Sixty percent of RRD’s survey respondents reported continued upticks in eCommerce orders through 2022, and of those, 62% said they are working to level-set expectations for inventory due to over-corrections on COVID-19-related shortages. Findings also suggest brands are giving similar attention to packaging design for online and in-person retail.

Survey respondents represented packaging and labels decision-makers from a wide range of different product categories. The top categories seeing upticks in eCommerce orders were center aisle food brands (77%), personal care and cosmetics brands (72%) and household products (68%).

Across all categories, 92% of affected respondents reported an increase in packaging needs and 86% saw an increase in labeling needs over the past year. However, respondents from the appliances and durable goods category seemed uniquely impacted. While 64% of packaging and label decision-makers in this category reported a rise in eCommerce orders, 98% reported increased packaging needs tied to eCommerce activity.

“Many companies found themselves playing catch-up to secure operations support following the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lisa Pruett, President of Packaging & Labels Solutions at RRD. “But now, as market conditions are steadying, we’re seeing companies return to more strategic decision making around their packaging and label needs — all in an effort to increase efficiency and agility while trimming unnecessary costs.”
more at: https://investor.rrd.com/news/news-details/2023/RRD-2023-UnPackaging-Reality-Report-Reveals-Impact-of-Continued-eCommerce-Demands/default.aspx

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