Ruling Against Ad-Tech Company Spurs New Lawsuits Over Tracking (

Last month, a federal appellate panel revived claims that ad-tech company NaviStone violated a Pennsylvania wiretap law by allegedly tracking users who visited online retail sites. Since then, at least 10 new lawsuits with similar allegations have been filed against other web companies — including online pet store, travel service Expedia, and real estate company — NaviStone’s lawyers said in papers filed Friday with the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a letter filed Friday with the appellate court, NaviStone’s lawyers write that the new cases “illustrate that the panel’s decision effectively renders any company with a website accessible in Pennsylvania” subject to a lawsuit alleging violations of the state’s wiretap law.

NaviStone is calling attention to the new cases to bolster its request that the 3rd Circuit reconsider its recent ruling.
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