Sappi Verve integrates with GreenTrack™, the pioneering traceability solution of Birla Cellulose

Sappi Dissolving Pulp has partnered with Birla Cellulose, one of the leading viscose manufacturers in the textile value chain, to provide a forest-to-garment traceability solution for brand owners.

Through this collaborative partnership, Sappi Verve – the world market leader in dissolving pulp – continues to strengthen its sustainability credentials within the textile industry. Providing a brand-owner traceability solution has been made possible with the use of Birla’s pioneering ‘Green Track’ blockchain technology, coupled with Sappi’s comprehensive database on wood origin for its dissolving pulp operations in South Africa and the USA.

According to Krelyne Andrew, Sustainability General Manager for Sappi Verve, Sappi is “committed to delivering practical innovations, building trust and creating shared value in our supply chain – working closely with our partners to promote and shape the sustainability of the Man-Made Cellulosic Fibre (MMCF) sector towards a net positive vision.”

Traceable and transparent supply chains are key to providing brand owners and consumers with the assurance and confidence that their products originate from sustainable and renewable sources of wood, free from deforestation, where biodiversity is promoted and where customary, traditional and civil rights of people are upheld.

“This collaboration is part of Sappi’s vision as a sustainable woodfibre business to provide relevant solutions and deliver enhanced value as a trusted partner to all its stakeholders,” said Krelyne.

Mukul Agrawal, Chief Sustainability Officer of Birla Cellulose added, “Expanding the capability of the GreenTrackTM platform and collaborating with Sappi to provide traceability of the sustainably managed forests from where the wood was sourced, will help sustainability-focused consumers, brand owners and retailers to make more informed buying decisions.”

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