Sappi’s Pelletin achieves feed safety assurance certification

Sappi Southern Africa has achieved GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) 2020 certification for Pelletin, one of its Lignin products used as an additive in animal feed manufacturing, making it only the second organisation in Africa to attain this prestigious certification.

GMP+ is the world’s largest and most rigorous animal feed certification scheme, focused on enabling companies to contribute to safe animal feed throughout the entire production chain, with an emphasis on the need for quality assurance and risk management in the production and trade of animal feed. Sappi’s certification is for the ‘Trade in Feed’ and ‘Production of Feed Additives’ categories, respectively.

Sappi’s certification gives Pelletin a competitive edge in the global market for Lignin products, as it demonstrates its compliance with the highest standards of quality assurance and risk management in the animal feed industry. This is vital for the health and welfare of livestock and the safety of food products derived from them.

Pelletin is a technical lignin that primarily functions as a binder in the production of compound animal feeds. It is a natural wood-based product that acts as a natural glue that binds all the feed ingredients and additives together to produce cost-effective compound feed pellets with enhanced durability and strength.
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