SCA Interim Report Q3 2021

January-September 2021 compared with January-September 2020
*Net sales amounted to SEK 14,059m (13,818). The increase was primarily attributable to higher selling prices in all product areas. The discontinued publication paper operations (see page 5) and the divestment of Wood Supply UK (see page 7) had a negative impact on sales. Excluding these effects, net sales increased by 26%.
*EBITDA increased 106% to SEK 6,303m (3,0631). The increase was mainly attributable to higher selling prices in all product areas and a stable, low cost level. EBITDA margin increased with 23 percentage points (of which 8 resulted from the discontinuation of publication paper operations and the divestment of Wood Supply UK) and was 44.8% (22.11).
*Operating profit increased to SEK 5,226m (1,8531)
*Operating cash flow amounted to SEK 3,453m (1,731)
*Earnings per share increased to SEK 5.85 (2.021)

Earnings for the third quarter of 2021 improved compared with the preceding quarter and the year-earlier quarter, despite significant planned maintenance stops carried out during the period. Higher selling prices in all product areas had a positive impact on earnings.

The supply of wood to SCA’s industries was stable during the quarter. The price of pulpwood remained stable compared with the preceding period while the price of timber increased slightly in northern Sweden due to high demand.

Demand has been strong for solid-wood products for some time in most geographies, which has resulted in low inventory levels across the value chain and in turn led to a sicnificant increase in market prices compared with the preceding quarter.

Delivery volumes in the Pulp segment decreased compared with the preceding quarter, due primarily to inventory build-up prior to the planned maintenance stop that began at the end of the period. Selling prices increased mainly due to continued healthy demand in Europe.

Demand for kraftliner was strong during the quarter, driven by higher global demand for packaging. Market prices increased compared with the preceding quarter. Two planned maintenance stops took place during the period, which limited production and delivery volumes slightly. The expansion project at Obbola is progressing in line with schedule and budget. A successful start-up of the upgraded fiber line and recovery boiler took place during the period.

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