Schumann Printers Acquires New UV Coater from Graphic Systems Services

Schumann Printers is excited to announce the acquisition and installation of a new Graphic Systems Services Model-38’’ Stationary Universal UV Coater featuring three OXYTECH SYSTEMS UV lamps on our M-1000 5-unit press.

Here’s what the new UV coater brings to the table:
1) Improved Efficiency- This state-of-the-art UV coater not only boosts production speeds but also offers quick change Anilox & plate sleeves engraved to customer specifications. It has a flow out structure for better lay down of coating produced by foaming issues.
2) Streamlined Maintenance- The UV coater’s unique design minimizes downtime for scheduled maintenance, ensuring that our projects remain on schedule. It has individual motorized control for plate and impression on the fly adjustment with skewing capability for longer pad life.
3) Responsive and Accurate Performance- This UV coater is equipped with HMI touch screen panel controls for all independent drives, registration, and impression adjustment.
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