SEE Increases Investment in Automated Packaging Systems

Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) has dedicated more than $30 million in capital to expand global production capacity and invest in new equipment systems to meet the accelerating demand for Automated Packaging Systems (APS) AUTOBAG® brand solutions, an acquisition Sealed Air closed in 2019.

The investment is for capacity expansion, “touchless” automation, and proprietary digital printing technologies primarily in SEE’s APS facilities in Streetsboro and Bedford Heights, Ohio and Keyser, West Virginia, and will be completed in 2021. The company will also expand capacity and install new equipment at APS sites in Malvern, UK; Cavite, Philippines; and Qingpu, China.

“The successful acquisition and integration of APS into SEE has accelerated our growth and innovation in “touchless” automation and bagging systems for e-commerce, industrial, and food customers,” said Sergio Pupkin, Sealed Air’s Chief Growth & Strategy Officer.

Doubling AUTOBAG® Equipment Sales Over Next Three Years
The acceleration of e-commerce driven by the pandemic has increased demand for automated packaging solutions across multiple end markets including e-retailers, consumer goods, medical supplies, industrials, and food.

“As our customers shift their facilities to a more touchless environment, we are experiencing increased demand for our AUTOBAG® automated equipment, and sustainable packaging materials,” said Pupkin. “These investments will allow us to meet this rapidly growing demand by delivering automated solutions that make our customers’ operations safer, smarter and faster.”

Our People Make a Difference in This New Automated World
The company’s “touchless” automation initiative is driving new jobs and is behind the demand for a skilled workforce that can support the essential supply chain and help SEE achieve its growing fulfillment goals. The company is hiring for approximately 80 APS jobs in Ohio and West Virginia.

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