Shutterfly Announces Integration with the Apple Photos App for macOS High Sierra

Shutterfly, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFLY), the leading manufacturer and online retailer of high-quality personalized photo products and services, today announced an integration with the Apple Photos app for macOS High Sierra. The new Shutterfly extension for Photos allows users to create, customize and purchase Shutterfly photo books without leaving the application. Users can also begin creating a photo book within Photos and then complete it on With this announcement, Shutterfly continues to expand the ability for customers to use photos from major third-party ecosystems to create high-quality, personalized products.

Shutterfly is one of the first to participate in Apple’s new project extension framework for the Photos app, first announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

“Shutterfly’s integration with Photos for macOS makes it easier than ever for users to discover, create, and purchase beautiful, award-winning Shutterfly photo books in an environment where they already store, organize, and take inspiration from their photos,” said Shutterfly President and CEO, Christopher North. “This announcement further extends our commitment to make it simple to create Shutterfly products no matter where your photos are stored. We are honored to collaborate with Apple on this launch and are delighted that their new open platform permits such seamless integration.”

The process to create a Shutterfly photo book through the macOS Photos application extension is as simple as a few clicks. Users select an album or a set of photos within the Photos app in macOS High Sierra, choose to create a project with Shutterfly, and within seconds, the user’s photos will be auto-filled into a Shutterfly photo book to review, edit, and purchase. Users can also choose to begin a project within the application and then complete it on Photo books are then manufactured by Shutterfly using the largest four-color digital printing platform in the US and delivered to the given address. Users can find and install the Shutterfly extension from within the MacApp Store, or from within Apple Photos for macOS.

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