Smallholders Lead the Way on PEFC Certification in Vietnam

There is urgent need for government, donors and industry to support the newly established Vietnamese Forestry Certification System in order to meet the government’s ambitious forest certification targets, especially given the vast amount of smallholders in the country. It is therefore essential to ensure that certification is an affordable, accessible and realistic option for uptake throughout Vietnam’s forest sector, including smallholders.

This is one of the outcomes of the ‘Furthering PEFC: Challenges and Opportunities for Smallholders Using a Cooperative Model’ workshop in Hue, Vietnam at the end of May, which brought together more than sixty stakeholders from across the forestry sector.

Participants also highlighted PEFC’s smallholder pilot project, which focusses on strengthening forest producer organizations. Such organizations have an important role to play in enabling and facilitating smallholder certification.

The workshop was opened by Dr. Phuong, Head of International Cooperation and Training in VAFS under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, outlining the road map to advance sustainable forest management certification in Vietnam. Dr. Phuong, who is responsible for coordinating the formation of the Vietnamese Forestry Certification System, also announced their hopes for a PEFC-endorsed national system by the end of 2016.

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