Sonoco Gears Up for Summer Rollout of Recyclable Sonopost® Technology in Europe

Sonoco Protective Solutions, a division of global packaging and sustainability leader Sonoco (NYSE: SON), today announced the expansion of its proprietary Sonopost® packaging technology into Europe. Utilizing current manufacturing infrastructure, strategically located to support this growing opportunity, Sonoco Protective Solutions will expand with a new Sonopost manufacturing operation in Sochaczew, Poland this summer.

The Sonopost manufacturing platform uses corner posts made from 100% recycled paperboard to provide a more sustainable packaging solution for large appliances, HVAC units and similar products requiring superior unit protection and exceptional stacking capability. After use, the 100% recyclable corner posts can be bailed with existing paper scrap and recycled in the paper stream, allowing manufacturers to reduce or completely eliminate their plastic packaging waste.

“European manufacturing and retailers are aggressively looking for proven solutions to address mandates related to sustainability,” said Adam Wood, Vice President and General Manager Paper/Industrial Converted Products Europe. “With industry leading Sonopost technology, we have the privilege of helping European manufacturers make significant progress toward their sustainability goals.”

Long, hollow tubes of solid paperboard shaped into special profiles to hug corners and protect edges, Sonopost corner posts offer industry leading stacking strength, dynamic crush-resistance and superior unit protection. Acting as an internal skeleton, the technology allows manufacturers to confidently package and stack their products without the burden of plastic-based packaging materials. The corner posts also serve as an external skeleton, bracing and supporting bulk loads and securing them into tight units.

“We believe we have a responsibility to continue developing more sustainable packaging solutions to help protect and preserve our planet for future generations,” said Wood. “Sonopost technology is an ideal solution for protecting large appliances against the rigors of new and existing distribution channels, from a global packaging company with a deep history in recycling and sustainability.”

According to Wood, the new Sonopost plant in Poland will open its doors in the July-August timeframe. More information regarding the plant opening will be available in the coming months.

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