Stora Enso wins four ScanStar packaging design awards

Stora Enso has received four Nordic ScanStar awards for convenient, eco-friendly packaging designs that replace plastic. All winning designs are made of renewable wood fiber. This year the ScanStar awards received a total of 32 submissions from the Nordic countries and 14 awards were given out. The jury assessed the level of competition to be high.

Stora Enso’s winning designs are:
Eco-friendly magazine packaging concept for Vogue Scandinavia
Vogue Scandinavia is disrupting the publishing industry in many ways. One of the unique features of Vogue Scandinavia is its sustainable packaging concept. There are two packaging versions: Normal Edition and the Collectors’ Item Limited Edition made from EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso. The package replaces the traditional single use plastic wrapping used in magazines.

The magazine and packaging are carbon neutral, made with a renewable, low-carbon raw material, and energy efficient production. The remaining emissions are offset by using the CarbonZero service by Stora Enso, in collaboration with compensation partner South Pole.

The innovative berry container comes in several sizes and can be used for many other products too. It replaces plastic packaging – even the integrated lid is made from corrugated board. Half a million renewable berry containers can help cut out 4500 kilograms of fossil plastic. The packaging is cost-effective, easy to use, rigid, and effortless to flatten before recycling. Customer-specific images can be printed on the package to increase visibility and attractiveness.

Lighting track Multipack
The corrugated board packaging is optimised for transporting fragile products. It has innovative folding with corner protections. It helps streamline the packaging process, helps avoid plastics as plastic wrapping is not needed, and it is very protective and reduces transportation damages. The packaging is user-friendly in packing and unpacking and simple to recycle.

Packaging for intelligent fridge
The renewable logistics packaging is made for an intelligent fridge, currently used by Selfly Store by Stora Enso. Selfly Store is a complete, easy to set up solution that enables you to run your own unmanned self-service micro-store. The packaging replaces solutions that typically include a mix of materials: EPS, shrink-plastic, and wood. It is trouble-free to recycle as this packaging is fully made of renewable corrugated board. The packaging process does not require any external tools and supports ergonomic work throughout the supply chain.

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